Beijing Global Boen Translation Co., Ltd. is intended to give clients ideal linguistic solutions to meet clients’ cross-nation exchange demand. Company will present trustworthy, effective and high-quality translation service to you so that you can devote yourself to your core business.

Breaking through the tradition of translation industry, we have an internal full-time translator team. We think doing so is the sole approach to serve our long-term clients with creditable and excellent translations. We assure that the translator of a document is adept in writing, uses the target-language as his/her mother tongue and is an expert in the field involved. In addition, we execute a strict quality-assurance procedure, trying our best to meet the demand of our clients. Like other production processes, errors in translation—a kind of production process per se—is inevitable. Maybe more errors will occur in translation because translation greatly depends on artificial input. No matter where it is, production or translation, the quality assurance is aimed at reducing errors and mistakes to the minimum. This needs responsible and careful translators. Since we deal with quality problems from the following six aspects, we pride ourselves on high-quality service at all times.

1) Flow
As a production process, translation should have a certain flow. Most of translation companies, regardless of scale and experience, will offer a concise QA flowchart to explain their quality control systems. Boen concludes from experience that every type of service, e.g. document translation, interpretation, composition of technical document, and software and website localization, has its own specific method. Therefore, Company has designed a single procedure for every type of service. These procedures, a part of our exclusive technical accumulation, have guaranteed our perfect quality.

2) Sheet
Each procedure has its specific flow, but it must have internal tools supporting QA procedure. These tools are sheet and software.

3) Selection
Some artificial errors are destined to occur in translation because of characteristics of translation work. Someone even thinks the quality of translation depends on the translator/interpreter with the worst level. In any case, the translator/interpreter recruitment is critical to ensure high-quality translation service. In retrospect of our past recruitment of translators/interpreters and technical supporters, only 3 of 1000 candidates succeeded. No other than the strictest selection recruitment can assure quality.

4) Archivism
Such memory tools of translation as Trados, Catalyst and Win have become the elites of any overall QA system. The use of a TM tool can benefit the consistency of translations as well as the sampling of optimal translation examples; however, we are required to manage and maintain translation work correctly for the above benefits.

5) Full-time translator team
We think we cannot well control the complicated flow needed by translation quality system if there is no sufficient human resources. Only after employees are trained, guided and supervised can they provide high-quality translation service. Therefore, we persist in the recruitment of our own full-time translators, and then guide them via our quality and management teams. In our opinion, what part-time translators can offer is not the invariable but casual high-quality translation service so that we cannot rely on them for a long term. This is why we employed an influential team of internal full-time translators.

6) Flexibility

We make every effort to assure the most favorable translation quality within the given time; in the mean time, we together with our clients decide the translation standard to guarantee an appropriate translation level after hearing their demands. We promise our error ratio is below 3‰.


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