Over 30 sorts of languages are available, such as English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Greek, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Norwegian, Romanian, Algerian, Indian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Mongolian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Laotian, etc.

Service scope:
Translation involved in communication, network, telecom, semiconductor, electronics, electrics, hydraulic and electric engineering, architecture, energy, computer, electronic information, law, geology, environmental protection, migration, economy, accounting, auditing, mechanism, finance, politics, trade, medicine, biology, agriculture, automobile, costume, physical education and other fields.

Industry & Engineering:
Instructions to product, directory manual, equipment installation, manual of debugging, instructions for use, bidding documentation, industrial standard, technical standard, tender invitation, manual of quality, etc.

Economy & Trade:
Manual of sale, manual for user, memo, company profile, company regulations, catalog of product, promotion data, commercial letter, marketing plan, planning scheme, case analysis, report of scientific research, report of market survey, financial analysis, report of appraisal, report of auditing, business plan, conference data, news issuance, network, internal corporate publication, promotional advertisement, etc.

Law & Rule:
Legal article, contract, agreement, bidding book, annual report of listed company, bulletin and notice, letter of intention, specification of bidding, certificate, certification, patent data, judicatory/arbitration document, official document, diplomatic document, etc.

Individual Data:
Resume, application for admission, application for job, certificate of educational degree, school report, certification material, notarization, application for visa, correspondence, letter of invitation, commission, international certification, academic paper, etc.

Essay, poem, advertisement, magazine, script, and movie dialogue.

Manual of user, technical document, other technical data relative to computer, website localization/ internationalization, etc.

Book Translation:
Economic book, best-selling book, novel, electronic business, engineering book, etc.

Website Translation & Professional Making:
We are engaged in the website translation from Chinese to other languages or other languages to Chinese and the future website maintenance; meanwhile, we have considered such problems as cultural difference, market demand, interaction with consumer, browse speed and technical detail concerned. Our employees are experienced in the use of professional software, e.g. Photoshop, Freehand, Pagemaker, FireWorks, Flash and Dreamweaver; besides, they are proficient in coding, e.g. HTML, javascript, ASP and SQL

In possession of full-time art designers, webpage designers, webpage making editors and experienced project managers, we can offer you consummate services of webpage translation, webpage making, software development and more.

We are striving for larger market to establish good image in the world.



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